As SMG- Shaikh Muktar Group enters its 26th year of existence, we continue to be driven by Passion to excel beyond expectations, aligning our Performance to achieve success, and Progress in our quest to build an empire strengthened by integrity and business excellence.

The Shaikh Muktar Group or SMG as we are known; is a conglomerate incorporated in 1995 with its headquarters based in the state of Goa, India. What began with the purchase of a wheel loader way back in 1978 grew into a tyre remoulding business by 1989. Since then we have grown from strength to strength with diversified interests in mining, infrastructure, construction, engineering, power, automobile and hospitality services under the mantle of the Shaikh Muktar Group.

Since our inception, we have grown to expand our operations in these varied sectors across India and overseas, servicing both a domestic and an international clientele. SMG as it stands today is a force in itself with a pan India presence.

At our core lies the philosophy that we settle for nothing short of excellence in all our undertakings. Driven by this motivation, WE strive to create opportunities where most see none, while tapping potential as it presents itself in various avenues; because we believe; innovation, a pursuit of perfection and sound business acumen are the game changers in a competitive, ever changing global market space. And staying on top of competition is a way of life for us at SMG.

We surpass yesterday’s benchmarks and exceed tomorrow’s expectations, TODAY...... EVERYDAY!

Our focus through our journey remains on building our companies on a strong foundation of business ethics, because we understand that a strong core is essential to our growth and the satisfaction of all our stakeholders; from employees to clients alike.

We envision a holistic and inclusive growth at SMG through the capitalization of our core strengths of excellence, innovation and dynamism, to reach out to the world and contribute to sustainable development for all.