SMG has recently ventured into the manufacture of Unblasted, Shot Blasted Pavers, Bricks and Blocks as allied products. The products are manufactured using the state- of- the- art One Columbia SPM20 Pavers & Blocks Manufacturing Unit with an installed capacity of 300m2per day. In addition to that, SMG has a Shot Blasting Unit with a capacity of 300m2 per day supported by a high tech Quality Control Laboratory with latest equipment from AIMIL Ltd.

Unblasted and Shot blasted pavers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. The pavers are versatile in their use in external landscaping and development of road and pathways. The anti skid properties combined with strength and durability, low maintenance of the pavers and long term cost benefits along with aesthetic value has contributed to an increase in its demand.

SMG manufactures solid concrete blocks and bricks with the latest Columbia USA technology vibro press machinery. This process ensures high strength and extended durability making the blocks and bricks ideal for time bound construction projects. The manufactured blocks and bricks do not allow water seepage from external walls while offering additional benefits of savings on plastering and construction mortar by almost 50% due to the uniform sized blocks and bricks, and reducing labour costs as well.

SMG is seeking to expand operations in the manufacture of Pavers, Bricks and Blocks in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.